My love for a healthy lifestyle

Thanks for swinging by, I’m happy you’re here! My long-time love for fitness, passion for healthy recipes & eating has brought me here. A place where I can share it with those who have a similar interest for overall well-being. I’m a busy mama to my 3 little girls and I’m all about showing others that you can take care of you (without mom guilt)! Regardless of how busy you are, how many kiddos you have or how chaotic life is- you deserve to take care of you!

Whether you are looking for fitness tips, some kickass workouts, eating healthier, improve eating habits and all the FUN healthy tidbits in between…I’m your girl! I got you covered!

Just a little bit more about me, I’ve spent 20 years working in healthcare as a Radiologic technologist/ CAT Scan tech. I loved working with my patients and helping them over the years in my profession. After baby number #3, I decided to stay home full time for my girls. Finding my way to this blog allows me to help people in a different, fulfilling way! Welcome!!


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My Teenage Love Story

True story: my LOVE for fitness started at the age of 13 when my mom found heavy detergent bottles hidden in my closet because I wanted to “lift weights.” Needless to say, she offered to buy my first set of weights. Since then, I’ve gone on to play volleyball, tougher mudders and spend countless hours at the gym. I love challenging my body and seeing the amazing things we are capable of with hard work.