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Best protein powder for pregnancy

Are you a mama-to-be? Yay! Congrats! I have a great protein powder for pregnancy, I’m so happy I found it.

As a mom to my three little girls, I got to enjoy all the morning sickness that came along with carrying them. The first time around, I didn’t realize I would literally be nauseous for THREE straight months. It’s the worst feeling when nothing you eat, or drink can help alleviate this never-ending feeling of being on the brink of vomiting.

Are you serious, Clark?

Prior to my pregnancies, I was a fairly healthy eater and always enjoyed my protein smoothie on my way into work. When I talked to my OB about my regular pre-baby protein powder, she wasn’t on board with it. She wasn’t too keen on what ingredients may be in there, although seemingly healthy to me. There had to be a SAFE protein powder for an expecting mom out there.

One healthy mama preggo with #3!

Ta-da! Here’s the best protein powder for pregnancy revealed!

It wasn’t until my 3rd pregnancy, I discovered the Baby Booster protein powder. Now, THIS was a game changer for me the 3rd time around. I was still able to make my smoothies in the morning and I could add my blueberries and spinach! Mom win!

It did help with my morning sickness throughout the morning, but most days I did struggle with it all day long. I was happy to at least have part of my day without the sour stomach, especially with chasing 2 other kids around!

Honestly, I can say there isn’t one bad thing I could say about this protein powder for pregnancy, except I wish I knew about this with the first two pregnancies. I hope this blog finds that mom-to-be out there struggling with morning sickness or who just needs the added nutrients. It’s loaded with Protein, folate, Vitamin B6, & DHA. All the essentials for my little one and quite shocking that she loves chocolate so much now (it was my go-to flavor)!! Gluten free, soy free, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine. This can’t recommend this enough by this mama! I will also mention that I even continued to use while breastfeeding too. Good luck!

I will include the amazon link for Baby Booster (affiliate links)

Do you have morning sickness?

If so, I feel you mama! IT SUCKS! Here is another suggestion for these amazing little nuggets that got me through the first trimester! Preggie pop drops

protein powder pregancy

Thanks so much for visiting today, I hope this helps! Let me know what you think!


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