A few of my favs

Here’s my list of my favorite health and wellness products.

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My protein bar snacks

RX Bars

These are my go-to snack! They are tasty, filling, and NOT too sweet. My favorite flavor is the chocolate peanut butter-they taste just like a snickers bar!

    My favorite protein powder

    garden of life protein powder

    Garden of Life Protein Powder

    This has been a staple for my smoothies for nearly 10 years. No added sugar, 22g of protein & plant-based pea protein!

    My breakfast

    kodiak oatmeal

    Kodiak Oatmeal

    My breakfast-every morning. I add some chia & flax seeds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. It’s very filling and not too sweet.

    • I love this brand because I don’t taste an overload of sugar!

    Dry Shampoo Alternative

    Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder

    This is my SECRET natural dry shampoo alternative. This leaves my hair refreshed and not “sticky” like some of those sprays. It’s talc free & 100% natural origin. Also great for little bums, I used it with all 3 of my kids.

    • I’ve been using for 10 years!

    Add to your morning cofee

    vital proteins collagen

    Vital Proteins Collagen

    I add one scoop of this and one scoop of the collagen below to my morning coffee. This one give is a chocolatey flavor! yum!

    • Comes in other flavors/unflavored

    Quick dissolve collagen

    Great Lakes Collagen

    I’ve been using this brand for 10 years before collagen became all the rage! My long time trusted brand!

    • I also add 1 scoop this into my morning coffee with the vital proteins. I start my day with 15g of protein between the two. Love that they are both easy dissolve in my hot coffee.

    Super greens for smoothies

    Super Greens

    This is a super green booster. I love that there are the alkalizing properties in this mixture. Cancers feed on unhealthy PH levels in the body, this helps neutralize our body’s chemistry.

    • Tastes good too!

    Hair regrowth oil

    Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil

    If you are struggling with hair loss, this is your magic oil. Just rub into scalp the night before you plan to wash it. you’ll be amazed with the results!!

    • A secret tip from my hair dresser!